Women’s health stories:

Do you recognize any of these women?

Below are the raw, unvarnished stories from our actual clients, describing why they sought our help.

(Turns out, everyone struggles with food. Everyone thinks they’re crazy. And everyone thinks they’re the only one. No, it’s not just you.)


It’s often hard to find your own story reflected in the fitness media; where it’s all beauty pageants, decimating body fat, and uncovering washboard abs.

At Fit Life Choices, we take a different approach.

Instead of foisting some fat-hating, ab-loving ideal on everyone, we actually talk to our clients.

By interviewing them, asking questions, and really listening, we learn their stories. Who they are and what they really want.

In these interviews, one question always leads the way:

“Why are you here, working with Fit Life Choices?”

We hear many different — and sometimes surprising — answers. And, today, I’ll share them with you.

These are short, paraphrased summaries of the hurt, the struggles and even the seemingly unspeakable stories of the women in our Personal Nutrition Coaching program.

So many of our clients think they’re the only ones who feel these things. They wonder whether they’re crazy to have these thoughts.

Why can’t I manage this, when everyone else seems to do it just fine?

But the people we assume are perfect: they’ve got their own struggles.

Just remember, these are raw, true, authentic emotions, paraphrased from the real responses we get from our clients.

They’re what people share when they’re ready to admit they need a change.

We share them because it’s important to know you’re not the only one. We share them because there’s something beautiful about being open, honest, and finally asking for the help you need.

Why are you here?

Story 1: Somewhere along the way… I woke up fat.

I wasn’t fat growing up. I was fit. But something happened to me.

I don’t know when or where it happened. I’m not even completely sure what it was. But the weight crept up on me.

It makes me so unhappy to see what I’ve become.

Story 2: I feel powerless.

I want to take charge of my life. But something is in my way.

I can’t seem to meet a good partner / find a good job / get a great apartment / figure out how to include fitness as part of my everyday life.

Other people seem to manage this. How?

The time slips away from me. Where does it go?

Story 3: I feel doomed.

I’ve given up. I’ve tried so many diets and programs. And nothing works.

I feel like I’m getting fatter and fatter and nothing seems to be stopping me.

What’s the point of trying?

Story 4: I hurt.

My ___ hurts. My ___ hurts. Even my damn ___ hurts!

How can I possibly exercise when I feel this way?

And how can I give up my favorite foods? Food is the only comfort I know.

Story 5: First I’m “good.” Then I’m “bad.”

I try to be “good,” but it’s so hard. It makes me feel deprived.

Where’s the joy, the juice, if you have to give everything up?

I don’t want to live like some kind of monk. So eventually, I rebel.

And then I feel bad. Really bad.

Story 6: The wheels come off the bus.

I eat normally in front of others. But when I’m alone, I can go a little crazy.

I’ve never really told anybody before, but sometimes I even binge. My eating gets totally out of control.

I’m so ashamed. I need to talk to somebody about this.