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Women’s health stories:

Do you recognize any of these women?

Below are the raw, unvarnished stories from our actual clients, describing why they sought our help.

(Turns out, everyone struggles with food. Everyone thinks they’re crazy. And everyone thinks they’re the only one. No, it’s not just you.)


It’s often hard to find your own story reflected in the fitness media; where it’s all beauty pageants, decimating body fat, and uncovering washboard abs.

At Fit Life Choices, we take a different approach.

Instead of foisting some fat-hating, ab-loving ideal on everyone, we actually talk to our clients.

By interviewing them, asking questions, and really listening, we learn their stories. Who they are and what they really want.

In these interviews, one question always leads the way:

“Why are you here, working with Fit Life Choices?”

We hear many different — and sometimes surprising — answers. And, today, I’ll share them with you.

These are short, paraphrased summaries of the hurt, the struggles and even the seemingly unspeakable stories of the women in our Personal Nutrition Coaching program.

So many of our clients think they’re the only ones who feel these things. They wonder whether they’re crazy to have these thoughts.

Why can’t I manage this, when everyone else seems to do it just fine?

But the people we assume are perfect: they’ve got their own struggles.

Just remember, these are raw, true, authentic emotions, paraphrased from the real responses we get from our clients.

They’re what people share when they’re ready to admit they need a change.

We share them because it’s important to know you’re not the only one. We share them because there’s something beautiful about being open, honest, and finally asking for the help you need.

Why are you here?

Story 1: Somewhere along the way… I woke up fat.

I wasn’t fat growing up. I was fit. But something happened to me.

I don’t know when or where it happened. I’m not even completely sure what it was. But the weight crept up on me.

It makes me so unhappy to see what I’ve become.

Story 2: I feel powerless.

I want to take charge of my life. But something is in my way.

I can’t seem to meet a good partner / find a good job / get a great apartment / figure out how to include fitness as part of my everyday life.

Other people seem to manage this. How?

The time slips away from me. Where does it go?

Story 3: I feel doomed.

I’ve given up. I’ve tried so many diets and programs. And nothing works.

I feel like I’m getting fatter and fatter and nothing seems to be stopping me.

What’s the point of trying?

Story 4: I hurt.

My ___ hurts. My ___ hurts. Even my damn ___ hurts!

How can I possibly exercise when I feel this way?

And how can I give up my favorite foods? Food is the only comfort I know.

Story 5: First I’m “good.” Then I’m “bad.”

I try to be “good,” but it’s so hard. It makes me feel deprived.

Where’s the joy, the juice, if you have to give everything up?

I don’t want to live like some kind of monk. So eventually, I rebel.

And then I feel bad. Really bad.

Story 6: The wheels come off the bus.

I eat normally in front of others. But when I’m alone, I can go a little crazy.

I’ve never really told anybody before, but sometimes I even binge. My eating gets totally out of control.

I’m so ashamed. I need to talk to somebody about this.

Story 7: I know it, but I can’t do it.

I’m smart. I’m educated.

I know how to eat healthy and/or exercise, but I can’t seem to stick with it.

I’ll get started, and do really well for a couple of weeks, and then it all falls apart.

Am I the only person this happens to? What’s wrong with me?

Story 8: Waiting for the perfect moment.

School. Work. Kids. My wedding. Travel.

Life’s so full and busy and there’s always something in my way.

I keep waiting for the perfect time to get in shape, but the perfect time never comes.

And I’m beginning to wonder if it ever will.

Story 9: I really want to be part of the hardcore badass / “living pure” club, but I am scared I don’t belong.

I’m very much into Paleo, but I had a hard time sticking to it as soon as…

I’d like to become fully vegan but…

I’m hoping to compete in triathlon / marathons / Crossfit. But it seems so out of reach for me.

Jeez, it looks so easy for those women to be effortlessly lean and fit.

What the heck is wrong with me?

Story 10: Aging sucks.

Nobody told me that middle age would be so hard!

Peri-menopause. Menopause. Hormones. Arthritis. Gravity.

What happened to my boobs? What happened to my butt? What happened to my energy?

And what’s next? Is it really all downhill from here?

I don’t want to feel like this for the rest of my life.

Story 11: I used to be… who am I now?

I used to be an athlete / a size 2 / full of energy.

But ever since I had kids / got this crazy job / got married / got divorced, I haven’t felt like myself.

I wish I could just turn back the clock and be the person I used to be.

I don’t even recognize myself any more. Who am I?

Story 12: It’s complicated.

I have so many food allergies or intolerances. It’s so difficult to eat nutritiously and lose weight.

I suffer from some chronic medical issues. I am afraid that no program would be able to help me deal with those.

Fitness programs are for people who are healthy, not people like me.

Story 13: It’s complicated (Version 2).

My living arrangements are so confusing.

I live with three roommates / my family / my crazy parents / my pets.

I’m not sure how to cope with all of that and focus on fitness, too.

My fridge and my cupboards are not my own.

Story 14: It’s complicated (Version 3).

My life is nuts. I can’t even count the things that have gone wrong.

I’m coping with so much stress, all the time.

How can I add yet another complication?

But still… even with all that… I really want to try.

Story 15: I’m busy and I don’t have time.

What with the kids / shift work / demanding career / care of aging parents / grandparents / my volunteer work / my dog, plus the housework / gardening / commuting…

…not to mention the hobbies, and the conferences, and the social life.

I don’t have time for anything else.

I’d like to find a way to regain my health and fitness. But there are only 24 hours in a day!

Story 16: I’m a freak.

I feel like I’m the only one who suffers from this disease / injury / eating behavior.

I’m weird, and nobody understands me.


Story 17: I’ve never liked my body.

I hate my legs / boobs / butt / belly / muffin top.

I wish I didn’t have this mesomorph frame.

I have peasant genes.

Why am I so short / tall?

I don’t like being pear-shaped.

Other people have perfect bodies.

Why can’t I look like those people?

Why can’t I accept myself?

Story 18: Exercise worked, until it didn’t.

I like working out. Heck, I used to over-exercise.

Now it’s getting me nowhere.

I’m gaining fat even though I am eating less!

And nobody believes me.

Story 19: I’ve tried everything.

Some stuff worked. Some didn’t.

It didn’t seem to matter. Because it didn’t work for long.

I couldn’t sustain it.

Here I am, still the same as before. Maybe even worse.

Story 20: I’m frustrated.

I did everything “right!”

I did what I was supposed to do!

This has all been a lie!

Story 21: I’m overwhelmed. It’s too much.

I read all the literature on fitness and weight loss and nutrition.

It’s just overwhelming and confusing. Enough already!

Story 22: I’m overwhelmed. It’s too much (Variation 2).

I try to juggle all my responsibilities and just end up crashing.

Story 23: I’m overwhelmed. It’s too much (Variation 3).

I don’t know how to cook, and learning how just seems impossible.

I know I can never get healthy unless I figure out what to do in the kitchen.

How come everybody else seems to manage?

There must be something wrong with me.

Story 24: I don’t feel sexy.

I don’t want to have sex.

Other people don’t want to have sex with me.

And even if they do, I can’t believe them.

I ask my husband to turn out the lights.

Story 25: I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I’m tired all the time.

Worn to the bone.

I feel like crap.

Is this the best I can expect from life?

Story 26: I’m a walking pharmacy.

I want to get off all these medications.

I want to know what it feels like to face the day without them. I’m not even sure they’re helping me any more.

Is that a drug reaction, or is that just normal for someone with my health condition?

Story 27: I’m a road warrior.

I travel all the time.

It’s hard to maintain healthy routines when you’re always on the road.

I live in a foreign country where they eat strange stuff and I can’t get fresh vegetables or find a decent gym.

Story 28: I’m isolated and alone.

I’m a military wife. A single mom. An exchange student.

I don’t know anyone else who is into eating healthy. No one!

I don’t know anybody who actually exercises.

I don’t know any other strong / sane women.

Withdrawing is less painful than reaching out. In the past, I’ve always been rejected anyway.

I’ve always had to do everything on my own. Nobody has ever helped me with anything.

I can’t believe it’s okay to ask for support.

Story 29: Had a baby, and…

My body went south.

I just couldn’t get my weight back to where it was before.

With the late night feedings and the sleep deprivation, I’m a mess.

I hate those “after” photos of celebrity moms. I don’t have a personal trainer!

Story 30: My family helps.

I want to be a good role model for my kids.

My kids are my motivation for getting into better shape.

I want to have the energy to play with my grandchildren.

I don’t want to die young, before my kids grow up.

Story 31: My family hinders.

It’s hard to convince everyone else in my household to eat better.

My husband keeps buying junk and I always break down and eat some.

My kids give me such an argument if I try to change our diet.

I struggle to make myself a priority.

I’m always putting other people’s needs ahead of my own.

It’s selfish to focus on myself.

Story 32: Hormones.

I’m dealing with thyroid / adrenal problems.

Peri-menopause. Menopause.

Birth control and HRT.

IVF and fertility treatments.

Everybody knows this makes it really, really, really hard to lose weight or get into better shape.

Story 33: I’m so ashamed.

Nothing fits me.

I won’t let anyone take photos.

I don’t even want to leave the house.

Story 34: I fail at rules.

I just wanted someone to tell me what to do… but I didn’t want more rules…

But right now, rules are all I know… but rules didn’t work.

What can I do, where can I turn, how can I get control over this situation?

Story 35: F*** that guy.

My husband can eat whatever he wants! He never gains weight.

It’s not fair!

And he keeps all his goodies in the house.

I can’t keep eating like he does!

Story 36: F*** that guy (Variation 2).

I just kicked that no-good loser to the curb.

I’m ready to bust it out and bring sexy back.

I just need to lose a few pounds first.

Story 37: I’m a fraud.

I’m a fitness pro. Why can’t I be lean?

I feel like an imposter and a charlatan.

I’ll bet my clients are laughing at me. No wonder they don’t listen to me.

I want to be a fitness pro, but I can’t — not in this body.

Who would ever hire me?

Story 38: I’ve punched my card. It’s time to take care of ME.

The kids are gone, or more independent.

Work is settling down. I’ve just retired.

My husband is over his health difficulties or his job stress.

I have fewer responsibilities. Things are running smoothly.

Now it’s my time. I’m ready!

So, how did these women’s stories end?

We hate to spoil the secret plot twist at the end…

But all of these people went on to succeed in our Personal Nutrition Coaching program.

They got leaner. Fitter. Healthier. Happier.

No matter where they began, or what baggage they brought to us, by the end of the program, they felt more in control. More in charge of their lives.

They had better relationships. Better workouts. Better choices.

They became better fitness pros. Better parents. Better partners. Better friends.

Sometimes they even got better jobs!

How? Well first they got real with themselves, reaching out for help.

Then came the magic of careful, empathetic coaching.

  • We listen to our clients’ needs and what they want to accomplish.

  • We learn how they live.

  • We discover what’s really important to them.

  • We work together to create the right approach; personal and unique, based on their goals and lifestyle.

  • And then we coach them through the process; helping with the inevitable roadblocks along the way to success.

Ready to re-write your own story?

If you need help — and are ready to receive it — we’d love to work with you. Coming soon we’ll be taking new clients in our Personal Nutrition Coaching Program for Women.

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