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Healthy Choices Eating Out

healthy choices when eating out

This is the most difficult part of eating well. You don’t have to avoid going out if you follow these tips.

  • Avoid pizza and pasta restaurants.

  • If a healthy option isn’t on the menu just ask if they will make one for you. Try asking for a grilled chicken breast with a salad.

  • If you make a menu choice with part that isn’t healthy; ask for it on the side. Like asking for the dressing or sauce on the side so you can control how much you eat.

  • Every place has salads but they may contain bad choices. Avoid the toppings and dressings that could be high in sugar or fat.

  • When they bring bread or chips simply say ‘no thank you’ and avoid it

  • Try to go out for lunch instead of dinner to give you more time to burn your bad calories.

  • Say NO to dessert. If the group has ordered something, let yourself have only one bite

If you make a bad choice, don’t lose hope, just add a little cardio and get back on the fitness path.

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