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Sweat Success: Cardio

Consistent cardio is the key to success on your fitness journey. Work with your Trainer to set up the cardio workout plan that adds to your gym training time. The 3 keys to winning in fitness are: training, nutrition and cardio.

You need to push yourself when you are doing cardio. You have to sweat! You may have to start slower, but you will improve as you continue to work. As you build up your cardio, you can increase the speed or resistance to burn more calories in less time. Tip: you will have a better workout if you don’t lean on the cardio machine.

Change up the type of cardio or machine you are using. Try to switch between the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bicycle. First, this will make your daily cardio routine less boring because it isn’t repetitive. Second, this routine will use different leg muscles and will reduce fatigue. Lastly, it will increase the actual number of calories you burn, as your body uses less calories if the exercise isn't altered over time.

You should take 1 day off each week but make sure you are doing cardio on your cheat meal day. Try to work hard 6 days a week and you will see results.

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