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When to Eat: Nutrition

What time of day you eat specific types of food is the key. Carbs are fuel to start your day so start with a bowl of plain oatmeal but avoid the prepackaged kind with sugar and flavor. You could also have a slice of whole grain (not whole wheat) bread.

Eat 5-6 small ‘meals’ per day to improve your metabolism. A healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner are the foundations to your day. Reduce your portion size overall and your stomach will shrink in less than 2 weeks so you won’t feel as hungry.

There are healthy snack options to add to your day. Try a 100 calorie fat free greek yogurt. You can also have 15 roasted unsalted almonds. Energy or snack bars can be full of sugar so you have to be cautious and read the label. You can also have some raw veggies with zero calorie dip or dressing.

Another good rule to follow is to not eat carbs within 3 hours of going to bed. Your body uses a very low percentage of carbs as a source of energy when your heart rate is low, so it stores it as fat while you sleep.

Fruit is something you might want to avoid times when you want maximum weight loss progress. Not even fresh fruit for something sweet; this is still sugar. However, if you do want fruit occasionally, the best time to eat it would be right after your workout.


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