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What are Fit Life Choices?

Fit Life Choices was created after taking a step back and asking "What are our most successful clients doing differently?" The answer: they’re making Fit Life Choices.

Imagine someone that has been given a top of the line workout routine; but they’re just going through the motions. They're just getting through: not eating correctly, not doing cardio outside of training and purely relying on the credibility of the program. On the other side of the continuum is someone who takes this same routine, pushes themselves (rather than relying on being pushed), seeks to understand and engage the muscles being exercised and making a reasonable effort to understand and follow through with proper eating habits.

It's understandable that people get busy. After looking at people that have been successful in the program, the reality is that it only takes 30 minutes of weight training, a little extra cardio and making the sensible eating choices to be successful.

You can make Fit Life Choices in your everyday life.

  • Work with your Trainer; they will help you push harder for better results

  • Take the stairs; instead of the elevator

  • Get active daily; instead of sitting on the couch

  • Skip condiments; like ketchup and mayonnaise

  • Drop sugar; like soda and desserts

  • Avoid all soda; diet or regular

  • Park further away; every step counts

  • Reduce alcohol; beer and wine adds extra calories

  • Adjust carbs; reduce starch and increase green veggies

  • Wake up positive; your attitude keeps you moving in the positive direction

Make Fit Life Choices every day. I can develop a personal training program to start your journey and help you stay on the path.

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