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My Fitness Pal

Making the right choices in what you eat is more than half the battle on your fitness journey. I recommend that all my clients use My Fitness Pal either online or on their mobile. You will enter your goals into the app and it will create your daily calorie target.

You can use this to track:

Weight +/-

Calories for each meal, day, week or month

Nutrients by day, week or month

It is very easy to use and we can review a recap of your nutrional progress; as long as you are being honest about your entries. Many restaurants and grocery brands already have their nutritional informaiton loaded in the app. You only need to start searching for the item or entree. If you are using grocery products with a barcode, you can even scan the code to get all the info.

We can discuss your progress as you learn about what you eat. You need to look at more than just your calorie count. You need to look at the balance of protein, fat, sugar and more.

Find me and friend me at DevonShurden. Make the right choices for your fit life.

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