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Meal Prep Monday

As you may already know, if you don’t have a go-to meal, it’s easy to put off making your meals for the week, leaving you scavenging for food during the week. That’s no fun. It cost extra money and makes you fat :(

Here are the basics to designing your personal go-to meal:

1) protein – chicken, lean beef, lean turkey, eggs, etc.

2) carbohydrates – brown rice, whole wheat pasta, lintels, beans, quinoa, etc.

3) fat – avocado, olive oil, peanuts, etc. (if your meat has enough fat, don’t worry about adding extra fat here)

4) vegetables – frozen mixed veggies, green beans, spinach, zucchini, etc.

Example go-to meal:

1) 4.75 lbs 99% lean taco seasoned turkey meat – protein

2) 4 bags boil in bag brown rice and 3 cans low sodium black beans – carbohydrates

3) no avocado needed – fat

4) 2 cans low sodium corn – veggies/carbs

Calories: 6590

Protein: 541g (33% of calories)

Carbohydrates: 698g (42% of calories)

Fat: 182g (25% of calories)

20 meals (27g protein per meal)

25 meals (22g protein per meal)

30 meals (18g protein per meal)

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