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Meal Prep Monday

As you may already know, if you don’t have a go-to meal, it’s easy to put off making your meals for the week, leaving you scavenging for food during the week. That’s no fun. It cost extra money and makes you fat :(

Here are the basics to designing your personal go-to meal:

1) protein – chicken, lean beef, lean turkey, eggs, etc.

2) carbohydrates – brown rice, whole wheat pasta, lintels, beans, quinoa, etc.

3) fat – avocado, olive oil, peanuts, etc. (if your meat has enough fat, don’t worry about adding extra fat here)

4) vegetables – frozen mixed veggies, green beans, spinach, zucchini, etc.

Example go-to meal:

1) 4.75 lbs 99% lean taco seasoned turkey meat – protein

2) 4 bags boil in bag brown rice and 3 cans low sodium black beans – carbohydrates

3) no avocado needed – fat

4) 2 cans low sodium corn – veggies/carbs

Calories: 6590

Protein: 541g (33% of calories)

Carbohydrates: 698g (42% of calories)

Fat: 182g (25% of calories)

20 meals (27g protein per meal)

25 meals (22g protein per meal)

30 meals (18g protein per meal)

Contact Devon Shurden to discuss your goals so you can start making the choices for a better fit life.

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